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Nantucket Scholars

The Nantucket Scholar Program is now in its 18th year.   The program requires a six-month long review process.  This year’s process began with an informational assembly in November at the high school.  Seniors and their parents are invited to a presentation and information sheets are available along with an opportunity to ask questions. This year, the application will be online and includes one written essay, sections for extra-curricular activities, community service and academic honors, one confidential teacher recommendation and an employer recommendation and are due in January 2024. 

The 2024 Selection Committee will be announced soon. 

Each applicant has varied and unique qualities. The Nantucket Scholar can be anyone with the determination and drive to succeed academically, be socially conscientious and a leader among their peers.

  1. 2022 Nantucket Scholars:            

    • Sarah Hanlon, Middlebury College
    • Maryann Vasquez-Cruz, Duke Kushnan University
  2. 2021 Nantucket Scholars:            

    • JohnCarl McGrady, Williams College
    • Cameron Strojny, Fairfield University
  3. 2020 Nantucket Scholars:            

    • Brianna Leveille, University of California, Riverside
    • Phaedra Plank, Wellesley College
  4. 2019 Nantucket Scholars:            

    • Jenna Genthner, Bates College
    • Jennifer Lamb, Northeastern University
  5. 2018 Nantucket Scholars:            

    • Carter Snell, University of Vermont
    • Deana Wetherly, Wellesley College
  6. 2017 Nantucket Scholars:            

    • Evan Borzilleri, University of California, Berkeley
    • Sophie Kuhl, Brown University
  7. 2016 Nantucket Scholars:            

    • Frances Steadman, Villanova University
    • Claire MacKay, Bates College 
  8. 2015 Nantucket Scholars:            

    • Mia Silverio, Georgetown University
    • Lisa Genthner, Dartmouth College 
  9. 2014 Nantucket Scholars:

    • Isabella Day, Georgetown University
    • James Roggeveen, M.I.T.
  10. 2013 Nantucket Scholars:

    • Wisima Nipatnantaporn, Emerson College
    • Joseph Zieff, Middlebury College
  11. 2012 Nantucket Scholars:

    • Eve Manghis, Harvard University
    • Cody Perry, Boston College
  12. 2011 Nantucket Scholars:

    • Ashleigh Inglis, Harvard University
    • Will Horyn, Villanova University
  13. 2010 Nantucket Scholars:

    • Ashley Clinger, Sacred Heart University
    • Caroline Stanton, Vassar College
  14. 2009 Nantucket Scholars:

    • River Bennett, University of Virginia
    • Samantha Reis, Richmond University
  15. 2008 Nantucket Scholars:

    • Anita Elahi, George Washington University
    • Tomas Smaliorius, Bucknell University
  16. 2007 Nantucket Scholars:

    • Anna Burnham, DePaul University
    • Samantha Pillion, Wellesley College
  17. 2006 Nantucket Scholars:

    • Kelsey Fredericks, Connecticut College
    • Rachel Schneider, Sarah Lawrence College